About me

I'm Antoni André, a French web developer and designer.
I am currently a web developer at FASTBOOKING in Singapore - in Asia as I wanted. ;)
I previously worked as an IT engineer for CGI (international Canadian group), in France.

I'm passionate with web technologies and fascinated with cutting-edge techniques.
My curiosity naturally leads me to be aware of and get the last cool tricks on my sites.
My current weapons of choice are PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and a hint of magic.
Services I offer.
Being both an engineer and designer, I help clients bring their ideas into reality.
Contact me today and I would love to help you develop your business.


I ensure all my web code meets the highest web standards that works across all major browsers and is S.E.O friendly.


I simply love web design, I'm a pixel lover. I have to make it clean, perfect and user-friendly.


Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor to your success on-line and I can help you get top rankings for your target keywords.

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www.moet.com For the maintenance of the official website, I developed and redesigned multiple features like the jQuery-based Mood & food pairing game that has a specific behavior according to the user choice.

iCopter for IOS is an Objective-C game I made with 5 friends: you're driving a helicopter avoiding UFOs and missiles and dropping bombs on the tanks. In this game we have integrated: parallax background system, atlas/sprites for light-weight animations, dynamic sound events, collisions detection, moves, lives, score, etc.

sweetcocktails.com is my widest hand-crafted personal project. It is rich in features, security, ideas and cutting edge technologies. A good overview of my work.

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